Accurate solutions for complex problems

Neurocomputing offers the development and application of calculation and simulation methods oriented towards the design of and processes optimization, regardless their complexity.

Our strategy rests on the deepening within the physical fundamentals of the technological processes which takes place inside your productive branch or sector. Moreover, we support and complement our consultancy services with the most advanced measurement and calculation techniques.

Numerical simulations

Neurocomputing team applies methods of computational fluids dynamics and artificial neural networks for the design of structures, devices and machines, for the optimum use of renewable resources, as optimization procedure for ventilation systems, in architecture, in the design of automotive components, and for livestock optimization, among other branches.

Analog and digital microelectronic

Our team designs components and electronic devices for completeness of our projects. We can develop both analog and digital interfaces for research applications, or industrial process. Rigorously following customer requirements and applicable regulation, our electronic designs are tested and optimized under laboratory and field conditions.

Measurements of physical quantities

We support the developing of our projects by means of non-intrusive testing techniques for measurements and automated data acquisition, as thermography and gases analysis. We have also a close collaboration with several research institutes and partnerships with highly specialized teams.