Buildings in consonace with their sourrondings

Neurocomputing offers to designers and architects to explore the impact and appropriateness of their projects from the preliminary stage, seeking to introduce bioclimatic principles into buildings, fulfilling the actual regulations and without sacrificing its performance and incorporating renewable energy sources, in an optimized way.

By means of numerical simulations, experiments on wind tunnel models, measurement and analysis of climate records, our team accompany the architect of today toward leading positions in architecture of future.

Structural safety under extreme events

Precise determination of stresses produced by wind on isolated buildings or architectural complexes. Aeroelastic numerical simulations of large-scale and slenderness civil structures, for extreme situations. Our codes can perform unsteady numerical simulations and frequencies analysis.

Comfort and safety in outdoor spaces

Determination of potentially uncomfortable and dangerous areas under the effect of the wind. Amplification factor analysis for singular buildings and resorts. Calculation of buildings potential for natural ventilation. Optimized design of urban nucleus according their spatial density distribution and relative orientation. Urban wind farms.

Energy, environmental and structural analysis

Detection of leaks and defects in isolation enclosures. Predictive maintenance for solar heaters, photovoltaic and electrical installations in buildings. Comprehensive study on indoor environmental quality. Optimization of ventilation systems. Intelligent microventilation.