A new technology for ambient control

Neurocomputing has developed a novel strategy for controlling indoor environmental quality. It is applicable to both, domestic and industrial environments. Special features have been improved for livestock environments.

Our technology helps to the adequacy of environment according to established standards, without sacrificing energy efficiency of installations. Neurocomputing has succeeded in separating the control of environmental contaminants from economically costly solutions.

Natural ventilation as starting point

Quantitative evaluation of the potential for naturally ventilated buildings, according to their design parameters, and relative orientation. Evaluation of the efficiency in the renovation of the indoor air and the capabilities to eliminate harmful gases and pollutants in cattle raising.

Customization of methodology for air renewal

Our team develops strategies to ensure high environmental quality, controlling the indoor thermal load. We optimize the design of ventilation systems, avoiding oversizing of energy consumption and enabling the integration of renewable energy sources to indoor ambient management and comfort control.

Accurately intelligent control systems

Neurocomputing has developed a new generation of environmental regulation systems: powerful as computers, versatile due to its wireless technology, with intuitive interfaces, accurate due to the quality of its sensors, autonomous under extreme conditions and... intelligent. Our technicians will design your network layout to optimize the number of sensors, the variables to be measured and the whole control process.